Choose Your Box Delivery Guy This April

We’re letting our cheeky selves run wild and free this April, and you’re benefitting from it!  We know how you get so excited during your monthly bellabox delivery time. So we decided to hype things up a bit and make your bellabox delivery even more electrifying this month. (Just so you know, we had a… Read More

Product Review: WOTNOT Naturals

This month, we sampled a true bb favourite – WOTNOT facial wipes. But you may have noticed something new… a green sticker instead of a pink one! WOTNOT have welcomed their new wipes for oily/sensitive skin to the range. Whether you found these, or the classic ‘pink’ WOTNOT wipes, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll… Read More

Beauty Buzz: Australian Bush Flower Essences

The world of essential oils and ‘essences’ have always eluded me. I love the idea of incorporating them into my routine (health and beauty) but I don’t know where to start! There are so many – what are they all for!? Much like the ‘Harry Potter’ subject of Herbology, I needed a Professor Sprout to… Read More

Beauty by numbers: bellabox does VAMFF

Delish bowls of home-made soup, slowly slipping into new coats and boots, and hiding three-day-old hair under beanies aren’t the only things that are good about the changing of the seasons. Autumn heralds that special time of the year… the Melbourne Fashion Festival!  The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (formerly L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival) is… Read More

The March 2014 Brand Manager’s Letter

  Dear Diary, I’m very sad that summer has left the building but excited about the new autumn makeup colours and fashion. ModelCo Party Proof Lipsticks have an amazing range to choose from and have been one of my favourite lipsticks since the gorgeous founder of ModelCo Shelley gave me some to try. I love… Read More