bellabox TRIES

Life is full of uncertainty, but there are a few things we know to be true at bellabox HQ. For starters:
• A new lipstick can make you happier than a box of kittens.
• You bellas are not only super foxy babes, you’re also amazingly clever cookies. Mmm, cookies.

So we knew you’d be on to us in a nanosecond when we started sneaking the odd bonus lifestyle sample into your bellaboxes. Because, counting. Yup, as well as the five totally awesome beauty samples you’re used to getting in your box each month, we’ve taken to popping in a little something extra now and then. Something not necessarily beauty-related, but still pretty groovy. (Haven’t noticed the extra love? Don’t worry; we still think you’re clever.)

This is our new way of rewarding you with nifty little lifestyle products that’ll make your life prettier, easier, or just a little bit better. We’ve chosen these products because they’re brand spanking new, or an all-time bb fave that we can’t stop raving about.

While our #bellaboxtries lifestyle prods will never replace any of the monthly beauty goodies you love receiving, we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

Member's Fave: Harvest Box – Health Bombs

Health Bombs are a unique breakthrough in the world of healthier snacking options.

All-natural and made from dried fruit and nuts ONLY, Health Bombs are a revolutionary way to up your fruit intake. We love these and have become an office fave!  
Get your fix now from the Coles Supermarket Dried Fruit & Nut aisle or Caltex.

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