24hrs with Autumn Welcome to Wellness

24hrs with Autumn Welcome to Wellness

My favourite season of the year is here - with cooler temperatures, crunchy leaves and the return of knitwear (hoorah!) I am happier than ever to say goodbye to summer and embrace a slower, cosier way of living!

The arrival of the Autumn Welcome To Wellness box is always cause for celebration, and a reminder to take care of my self a little bit better, here is a little peek inside.

Happy Way have an amazing selection of protein powder flavours, this morning I am adding 2 heaped tablespoons of the BERRY into my oatmeal to have with my morning coffee. It is such a great way to get my protein intake up without having to eat eggs every morning and it is so warming in the colder months.

After walking the dog it is time to hop into the shower and I was so excited to try the Kenzako AHA Body Reset Scrub which was zesty enough to wake me up properly and get me started for the day. The texture of the scrub is lovely and I don’t lose half of it down the drain as I often do with dryer body scrubs. 

I then brush my teeth and use the HELLO charcoal mouthwash and smooth a little bit of the QV ointment onto my shins which always get dry and flaky as the temperatures drop and there is minimal humidity in the air.

I then use the Elucent Dark Spot Corrector, I have hyperpigmentation and acne scarring along my jaw line so I am sure to focus on those areas. Today is a make up free day so I just pop on some of the Airyday SPF and get my day started.

Before I start work for the day I love to journal and get any scrambled thoughts out onto the page so I start my day with a clear mind. I added these outrageously cute stickers from Kind Cards and save the rest to pop into a care package for a friend who is going through a rough time alongside the divine smelling wax melts from Three Suns.

At lunch time I crack open the NAKED LIFE GLOW+ Dragon Fruit and Lychee Nootropics to battle the post lunch slump and LET ME TELL YOU - wowoww.
So tangy, so refreshing, absolutely divine, I immediately jumped online to see where I could get more of these.

After a couple more hours of life admin and emails I treat myself to the NAKED LIFE Non-Alcoholic Espresso Martini which I split with my partner because lots of caffeine after 2pm spells disaster. I love the whole range of alcohol free cocktails as I have minimised my intake since January and realised I don’t need alcohol to enjoy myself, I actually just need a cute drink in a cute glass, who knew!

As I wind down for the night I pop on an ALMAdeLIA Hemp Seed Oil Face Mask, I have used these before and they are my absolute favourite. I always use an ice roller with my sheet masks and love giving myself a little lymphatic drainage massage to reduce puffiness and fluid retention - trust me you’ll feel so refreshed and gorgeous after.

I pop on some of the Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Advanced Relief and love the turmeric in there, it is also so hard to find a lip balm with is actually scent free so I’m super impressed.

I then add a couple of drops of the No Face Pore Clarifier as my skin has been super temperamental recently, followed by the very gorgeous Weleda Firming Night Cream. I worship at the WELEDA alter and have been slapping on Skin Food for about a decade so it is nice to mix it up a little bit and love how a little bit of this cream goes a really long way.

It is bed time, and I go to bed dreaming about the Winter Welcome To Wellness box already...


The Autumn Welcome to Wellness box is available in both Australia and New Zealand from $49.95 until stocks last.

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