Dopamine Beauty - Trend Alert

Dopamine Beauty - Trend Alert

Trends in the beauty world move pretty fast these days. With glazed-donut nails and clean girl beauty, beauty dupes, beauty hacks and beyond, it can be hard to tell which trends to ignore and which ones to try.

One we are LOVING at bellabox is 'Dopamine Beauty' which found its roots during the Euphoria makeup era and has shown no signs of stopping since.

So what is Dopamine beauty? Some might see it as a revolution against the clean beauty era, which demanded natural beauty and a level of perfection deemed unattainable by many.

Dopamine beauty is all about bright and bold makeup looks which defy convention and are all about fun!

Our October Opt-in products are from REVOLUTION and are perfect for creating your next fantasy filled make up looks.

Think graphic eyeliner in unusual shades, and 80's blush worn high on the cheekbones in furious fuschias and the cutest corals.

An easy way to spice up your makeup looks is to play and experiment with colour. Don't know where to start?

  • Swap out your neutral nude lipsticks for a daring red or a shocking neon pink
  • Don't want to change up your routine but love the idea? Try applying a pink cream blush to the apples of your cheeks
  • Break the rules and stop using your makeup brushes, have some fun and use your fingers to create unique colour scapes on your face
  • Try the TikTok eyeliner hack by dipping a thin eyeliner brush into micellar water and sweeping it across your favourite bright coloured eye shadow to create your own hyper pigmented liquid liner!

Scared it will go wrong? Dopamine beauty is all about experimentation, your face is your canvas and remember micellar water and cotton pads are your best friend! Wipe it off and start again if you don't love your new look.

Dopamine beauty is all about inclusivity and adding a feel-good factor to your day with makeup, a beauty trend where more is definitely more.

Tag us in your bold beauty on instagram @bellaboxaunz for a chance to be featured!

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