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OSO Skincare: Interview with the Founders

Curious about the OSO Skincare products?  So were we, so we interviewed Co-founder Arielle for answers. 

A proud Gunai woman, Arielle has been crazy about skincare for as long as she can remember. Unlike her significant other, and Co-founder Will, whose skincare routine consisted exclusively of sunscreen due to reacting to almost everything he applied, the two set out to create a line of formulas for personal use. And after replacing their chemical-filled skincare with all-natural alternatives, they both discovered the transformative impact of clean ingredients. In particularly, the power and potency of Australian Native ingredients.

"We believe natural skincare is essential for healthy skin – what goes on, goes in. We set out to create a brand that makes skin-friendly ingredients more accessible to all, with products that feel fun to use."



What inspired you to start OSO?

OSO came about when I first started dating Will. I couldn’t believe that I was dating someone who did not use any skincare products, when I was someone who had a million different types of products at my vanity. Me being very passionate about skincare I felt it was my duty to open Will’s eyes about how important skincare was, especially because he spent all of his time outside for work (Will is a professional golfer). When Will came around to the idea, and we started trialing products on him, Wills skin would react very badly, with skin irritations, redness, rashes and a whole lot of sensitivity. From here I made it my mission to find something that would work. After researching many products and ingredients we finally came across products that didn’t leave Will irritated both mentally and physically. Natural skincare became our hero.

What does your daily skincare routine look like?

My skincare routine is built around all OSO products. I use clean Angel in the AM & PM, Superfood suitor in the morning after cleansing, and truly L’oil and supple skin both AM and PM. However, if I’m time poor I usually mix a few drops of Truly L’Oil face oil into my supple skin moisturiser. It is fair to say, I have the OSO glow down pat.

If you could only take one OSO product to a desert island, which would you take and why?

If I were stranded on a desert island,I would definitely take Truly L’Oil as it is so versatile. I use it as a moisturiser, serum, cuticle oil, I use it in the bath when my body is a little dry. I have used it in my hair, and I also use it on scars and scratches. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.

The Kakadu Plum is having a real spotlight moment in skincare, what do you believe is the most underrated Australian native ingredient that we should keep an eye out for?

Choosing just one ingredient is very hard. It would be like asking me to choose one product out of our range. I absolutely adore all Australian native ingredients for many different reasons; they all have so many benefits. One factor that does stand out from other ingredients is that most Australian Native ingredients are incredibly rich in vitamin C concentration, which is incredible for skincare. However, one of my personal favourites would be Bush Mint not only for its incredible antibacterial and anti-inflammatory purposes, but its invigorating and refreshing smell.

The average beauty buyer is savvier than ever when it comes to ingredient knowledge, what do you think has caused this shift?

I believe COVID has definitely sparked this movement as were forced to reflect on our lifestyle, and pushed to take personal control of our beauty needs due to constant closure of shops. I also believe social media played a huge role in facilitating this movement as skincare became an essential part of self-care during this time.




What was the inspiration behind the packaging for OSO?

Our packaging was created with two pillars in mind. We wanted to ensure that we captured the Aussie, playful and upbeat personality. But secondly, we wanted to ensure that we created a brand that was inclusive of all. We want to ditch the stereotypical shades of pink that saturate the market, and bring forward neutral colours that reflect the Aussie landscapes and spirits. We believe that there should not be any binaries that prevent people from using skincare, as it is so important. This point helped drive our decisions when it came to our branding. We wanted to ensure all our packing and branding was neutral, so that no person ever feels uncomfortable purchasing it or having it in his or her bathroom.

What makes you feel your most beautiful?

I feel beautiful and happy when my skin is clear and glowy. I truly believe that when my skin is looking its best I am more confident in myself.




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