Time to update your bellabox account (NZ Members)

Hi NZ bellas,

You may have seen earlier this year we announced big changes to our AU website, implemented to streamline the customer experience and offer new payment methods.

We have now put these changes into effect on our lovely New Zealand website too.

During this transition you may have encountered a couple of hiccups or had issues accessing your account (sorry!).

We now need New Zealand members to complete a new account set up so you can be included in fun things like opt-in and receive comms from us.

Right now we’re busy preparing for next month’s opt-in, but we'll need you to complete your account setup by Monday 27 February in order to select your hero product because your old account will no longer work. :(

What we need from you: 🚨

- Complete your new account setup by heading here
- Reset your password
- Check the information we have on file is correct
- Update your payment method (if required)

It's super easy and you'll only need to do this once, and next month it will be business as usual (and nothing more for you to do).

For any questions or concerns regarding this process, you can email us at hello@bellabox.com.au.

The bellabox team

x o

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