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Beauty and the Bees

For 15 years (long before ‘organic’ was a common buzz word) Beauty & the Bees have been making their products from scratch with pure and local ingredients. With products designed to simply but importantly ‘work’, their range is particularly suited to dry, sensitive, and eczema prone skin.This brand uses a 2000-year-old recipe to hand make the range. Using Leatherwood Honey (which is unique to Tasmania, where the products are made) the products are soothing and healing for those whose skin has been sensitised and damaged by years of exposure to chemical skincare products. These products are best kept in the fridge, as they are made from familiar foods such as honey; dairy cream; organic herbs; cold-pressed vegetable and nut oils; nut meals; and fresh fruit - ingredients that don’t clog the pores, leaving your skin free to breathe.

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