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The Eyelift Kit

A classic case of knowing that you can formulate a product better than those that you have been selling for all of the years. Vital Skin Care knew what to put in when creating this under eye enhancer. After several years in research and development, this great Kit is an essential part of any anti-ageing regimen.
Why we love The Eyelift Kit
This is an absolutely amazing product – and that is something I rarely say. Great value for money, easy to apply – and of course, extremely effective.
I tried this in the office on one eye only, and it was noticeable after the ‘two minute time frame’ – and this is on someone whose right eye droops when they are tired. In fact, that is a definite selling point – that it can be used to ‘even up’ lop-sided appearance in the eye area, although I do use it on both eyes on a normal basis.
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