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Fully Sic Bags

This brands tongue in cheek name is a great indication of how magnificent their product is. We all know that ‘fully sic’ means something is great, and whilst being ill and vomiting is quite often not fun, it is a part of life, which is why Fully Sic Bags are on a mission for more positive connotations. We approve!
This is such a handy little item that is a must have for every parents’ car! They are a discreet and wonderfully designed, spill proof bag that so many pregnant mums should have in the handbag during pregnancy. Fully Sic’s travel sic range caters for all types of emergencies, and the packs available online come with a wipe and a breath mint to help you feel fresh and fabulous no mater what life throws at you!

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We currently do not stock these products in our shop, however as one of our brand partners you could find this brand sampled in your bellabox.

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