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Goe Oil

The totally unique Goe Oil is finally available in Australia!!  Jao a mystical word inscribed on a 2000-year-old charm believed to prevent and cure disease.
Born of necessity, and totally original, Jao Brand Products are the artful synthesis of ancient pharmacopoeia and modern science, retro package design and global cool. Jao Brand products are the creation of Gale and David, a daughter who got lucky enough to have an amazing chemist for a father.
They say, “We use only the very best ingredients in our totally original niche brand products. Our creativity is focused on healthy, multi-purpose products.  When one product does many things we buy less, and consume less\".  We say this unisex line will become your talisman; to keep you clean, soft, smooth, and herbally uplifted.
Why we love Goe Oil
At bellabox we are all about discovering new products but we have to admit that the girls at Grazia and RUSSH found this one first:

GRAZIA: Glistening, butter-plush body, shinier locks, luxed-up lips…”goe” is backstage code for all-tasker. Ultra silky, smells ridicu-lush, 100 percent botanical flower, Tahitian manoi and jojoba balm…we’re using it for everything. Addicted. Mix with a bit of powder bronzer and oooh, pretty!!!
RUSSH: Makeup legend Justine Purdue cited Goe Oil as the one product she couldn’t do without in the beauty scrapbook.

The sweet Bronny, the Australian distributor of this US product, allowed us to trial this magic oil and you notice the results in a few days - soft, moisturised skin is just the start! Goe Oil can be mixed with anything to add extra moisture or lighten other products. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!