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At bellabox, we love to offer you innovative products from small brands you may never know about otherwise. But we also relish introducing our young customers to brands that inspire and create the gold standard that all others follow in the footsteps of. Guerlain is such a brand. With over 100 years of excellence behind it, as well as a reputation for consummate elegance and refinement it’s been able to create a class all by itself that others hope to emulate. As they say “If there were a dictionary devoted to beauty, listed under ’classic’ you’d find Guerlain.” We couldn’t agree more!
They’re responsible for some of the first products we use and take for granted each day, lipstick and eyeliner among them. They’ve also created over 700 perfumes in their long history, each one as stunning as the last.
Why we love Guerlain
Guerlain is a brand that you can truly fall in love with - so much heritage to the brand. It was the first ever company to create a fragrance - Jicki - and the first ever company to create a lipstick in the bullet form as we know it today. Its boutique at number 68 Champs Elysee, Paris is AMAZING! if you have been lucky enough to visit - as I have - you will know what i mean - the fragrance organ just takes your breath away. This is a place that you can have a fragrance created just for you! The process is quite lengthy, and it will never be replicated for anyone else…I wont even tell you the cost!
- Natalie (Senior Brand Manager)
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