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Harmoni's Kiss

Harmoni’s Kiss products are fresh, funky, certified organic and really does care for your beautiful skin. By actively informing teens of their ingredients, they aim to encourage a new generation of label reading and overall awareness when it comes to beauty products. Ingredients matter, and if you have a read of what Harmoni’s Kiss puts into their fab pink bottles, you’ll realise just how natural they really are. Plus, each and every product in their beauty range is Australian Certified Organic, which not only means it’s extra kind to the skin, but also to the environment. 
Why we love Harmoni’s Kiss
Harmoni’s Kiss was created by mum Melissa when she became concerned about the products her three daughters were putting on their skin. The range has been specifically developed for teenagers and comes in gorgeous pink packaging. Even though it has been almost 20 years since I can call myself a teenager, I really like the Organic Deodorant, and have ditched my aluminium based one for Harmoni’s Kiss.
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