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Jacqueline Burchell

At the very core of Jacqueline Burchell lies a simple principle: Life should be more colourful! And coming from an office obsessed with the powerful properties of turquoise blue – we get it at bellabox! The moment Jacqueline Burchell first ’got it’ was fifteen years ago, when a Nail Salon opened with the goal of offering as many colour choices to their customers as possible. In a world limited to the monotony of 32 colour choices, it was a refreshing, bold statement. Today, they have one of the largest collections of Gel Polish in the world and customers everywhere to match.
Why we love Jacqueline Burchell
I first saw Jacqueline Burchell nail polishes at trade show and was dazzled by the sheer number of colours available, 1000 colours in their gel polish range! I immediately snapped up three kits that featured five different shades of pink, black and brown, a different colour for each nail, taking the ombre trend to the next level. The bb girls in the office loved them too, so now they have found a home in our store!
Brand manager – Sam