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The Janesce story is about the vision and dedication of one woman and begins at a time when aromatherapy was frowned upon, health food shops were hidden secrets, and the natural skin care industry as we know it today was in its infancy. In her quest for a premium organic all plant skin care that brought real therapeutic benefits to the health of skin, Janice Smith decided to create her own. And so, launched in 1986 and embodying all the philosophies that had become Janice her dedicated life’s work, Janesce brought her dream to life, and healthy skincare to you.
Why we love Janesce
When I first found out that all the ingredients in Janesce’s products are grown, extracted and dried on a farm in South Australia, I knew I was onto a good thing! Launching in 1986 at Claret Ash Farm in SA, founder Janice Sarre Smith moved her family into an old dairy farm, eventually turning it into the Janesce laboratory and manufacturing facility.
Janice believes that nature provides all we need to enjoy good health and radiant skin, which is why the products are made from the ground up (literally). Plants have healing and balancing properties, so Janesce feeds your skin with good nutrition from the outside. Upon using you will see the benefits of this all-natural range. In addition to your skin feeling softer than ever you will fall head over heels for the sweet smell of organic roses. The Softening Refresher is my absolute favourite which I use this alongside the Softening Wonder Serum. 
Brand Manager – Vanessa