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Jesus Del Pozo

Jesus Del Pozo was a Spanish fashion designer, born in Madrid in 1946. Opening his first boutique in 1974, Del Pozo was embarking on his career at the same time as Spain was beginning political transition. The change in politics coincided with a change in social values now described as La Movida. Del Pozo, as an artist and designer, played an important part in this \"Movement\" and was regarded as a key influence in the modernisation of Spanish style. Originally desiging for men, his women’s designs would ultimately prove more successful. His first collection was shown in 1976. Del Pozo would go on to receive the Golden Needle award in 1981, National Award Cristobal Balenciaga in 1989, and he was the first fashion designer to receive the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts in 1998.
In the 1990s, Del Pozo made several lucrative moves that brought greater success to the house. He began desinging ready-to-wear and bridal wear, and in 1992, introduced his first perfume. Perfumes became an important piece of the Del Pozo brand’s offering, with Halloween becoming an international best-seller and spinning off a series of limited editions in future years.
Del Pozo passed away in August 2011, leaving behind a legacy of beautiful fashions for an important time in Spain’s history, as well as a legacy of education and professionalism in the fashion and beauty industries.
Why We Love Jesus Del Pozo
The tradition of Jesus Del Pozo is steeped in Spain’s rich political history, as the designer, Del Pozo, was a key player in revolutionizing Spanish style during the social movement of the ’70s known as La Movida. He went on to win numerous awards and create over 20 fragrances, two of which we’re pleased to share with you and say we love! 
Del Pozo’s Halloween scents may initially call to mind the popular American holiday associated with ghouls and ghosties, but once you smell them you’ll be pleasantly brought into a world of femininity, sensuality and Asian floral influence. Halloween Kiss starts with fruity top notes of orange and watermelon, finishing with teak wood and vanilla. Halloween Kiss Sexy includes a deliciously musky element into the mix that will make your partner howl with delight.
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