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For most guys, skincare is not the biggest priority. But the folks at Kyoku For Men have travelled all the way to the tiny Japanese village of Yuzui Hara to bring you some of the finest herbs in the world for your skin. Teamed up with some seriously high-tech, their products will make your skin look and feel awesome. Kyoku knows that, on average, men’s skin is 70% thicker and 55% more oily than a women’s skin, so men need active ingredients that can break through the top later of the skin and deliver all the benefits. 
Why we love Kyoku
Kyoku isn’t your typical men’s skincare brand. Their simple packaging and ultra cool vibe gives them an edge over other products your average guy’s guy would hesitate to use. They understand their customer and so know how important it is to keep their information real and their products simple. We Love! 
Ease your man into Kyoku with one of their awesome body washes. After all, even men wash themselves in the shower. We’re a big fan of the Wind Body Wash, it’s infused with herbs and provides a tingling sensation that will convince even the most skeptical they’re doing their body good. A light, refreshing, but still masculine, scent finishes off the experience.

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