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La Fresh

La Fresh was founded with the knowledge that fresh water is one of the world’s most precious commodities. With this in mind, La Fresh products are produced from exceptional ingredients with minimal water-wastage and packaged to deliver results whilst never compromising on style. Proud to be introducing new products made of biodegradable materials so they give back to the earth responsibly, do your bit for your skin and the planet with La Fresh.
Why we love La Fresh
The last thing you want when traveling is a toiletry bag filled with bulky beauty items, they take up valuable shoe room in your suitcase. Long gone are the days of traveling with a vanity case, so I like to keep things small and compact. I’m lucky working at bellabox, so I have every imaginable item in a travel size, but single use wipes is something I have been hunting down for a while. La Fresh has a variety of single use wipes, from eye makeup removers, nail polish removers to a body moisturising wipe. They are perfect for a weekend away, or to keep in your handbag to freshen up on the go.
Brand manager – Sam

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