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Anti-ageing products basically fall into one of two categories: natural skin care - most of which are free from potentially harmful ingredients but can lack the performance - or ?Synthetic skin care,?which can contain questionable synthetic ingredients that may be harmful to health.
Lapureté was designed to be the first range to be able to effectively treat anti-ageing skin concerns with clinically proven and all-natural ingredients. A first for anti-ageing skin care that’s worth knowing about!
Why we love Lapureté
I look for results in my skincare. I never used to worry about whether the skincare I am using is natural as I had always assumed that you need chemicals to be effective. Since working with bellabox I have been lucky enough to discover ranges that are effective and natural. Lapureté aims to be both and uses a plant called Okuru, which is grown in West Africa and contains a combination of peptides to minimize the appearance of lines and pores. My pick is the Okuru Protective Day Crème with UVA Defence as sun damage accelerates the aging process.
Brand manager – Sam
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