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LAQA & Co.

LAQA & Co. is a New York based cosmetic brand that’s about more than just beauty. With a focused on making beauty more convenient for the busy, on the go girl some amazing LAQA and Co. products were born.

The first creation was a Nail Polish Pen followed a range of Lip Pencils. Yep, you heard right...a pen! They work just like a real pen, only these pens let you quickly and neatly do your nails or touch up your lips anywhere in a few clicks. But these aren’t just fantastic beauty products, they’re little pieces of art too. You will find unique designs from young designers on the products packaging. What a great way to get amazing artwork out and about!

Why we love LAQA & Co.

I met with the owner of Laqa and Co, Nicole, when I was in New York (during NY Fashion Week at the Mondrian, it was a total New York moment!) and she blew me away with her passion for her brand. The products are fun, easy to use and are for every woman.

I love that Laqa and Co work with young artists for their packaging and give them a percentage of the proceeds. My pick of their products is the Gold Fleck and Pink Manicure duo and Stranger Danger Lip Lube.

Global Brand Director - Sam

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