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Lee Stafford

Lee Stafford is one of Britain’s most influential and exciting hairdressers. Starting out by cutting his family’s hair in his own home, his career has boomed over the last decade. In 2001 Lee created his own groundbreaking PiNK haircare line designed to bring problem solving haircare to a fashion forward audience. Each product within the range is very personal to Lee, it makes up what he considers to be the perfect haircare collection. Innovation and New Product Development are at the forefront of Lee’s commitments.

Why we love Lee Stafford

I have a bit of a thing for hot pink, even though Lee Stafford products are very good, it’s because of the signature packaging that I first tried this brand. Lee is pretty humble and doesn’t like to boast about his celeb clientele but we can tell you he has tended to the locks of Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss. Stand out products are the Dry Shampoo for dark hair and Beach Babe Salt.

Global Brand Director - Sam