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Most of us know that a healthy diet creates a healthy body and a healthy mind. And many of today’s modern women have adopted this knowledge into their every day lives, choosing to eat fruits, vegetables and organic foodstuffs. For any woman who values the natural skin-beautifying properties inherent in food grown from the earth, there is luk beautifood, a line of skincare products infused with actual food ingredients, to be applied topically and absorbed by the skin from the outside in.
The company’s founder understands that nutrients from fruits and vegetables, not to mention essential oils, can be ingested to great effect, but can also be applied directly to your skin to reap their benefits. Beautiful packaging and beautiful results now go hand in hand with her innovative mixture of beauty and food! These delicious and nutrient-rich beauty products are available exclusively online, get yours today!
Why We Love luk beautifood
Cindy Luken, the creator of luk beautifood, is so full of energy, you want whatever it is she is having! She speaks passionately about her love of fresh pure food, and believes that good food is the essence of a beautiful woman. She creates delicious recipes, using ingredients that nourish the skin from the inside. It is no wonder that her venture into beauty is based on food! She deconstructed lipsticks, taking out the toxic ingredients and replacing them with food ingredients to create a beautifully smooth demi lip colour that nourishes and protects the lips. Considering we women consume large amounts of lipstick and gloss in our life, and edible lipstick fragranced and coloured with natural ingredients really makes sense.
- Sam (Senior Brand Manager)
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