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LUSH Cosmetics

LUSH Cosmetics is nothing if not fun, quirky and innovative. Underneath all of their lighthearted marketing and product offerings are incredibly efficient tools that will leave you feeling pampered, healthy and like one of the “good guys.” Because LUSH doesn’t just make fantastic body, bath, shower and skincare offerings, they do so in a way that promotes free trade, sustainability and community trade initiatives. They believe that creating beauty and creating a healthy environment that helps the world at large are not mutually exclusive. So dive in to the bath, the shower, or your bathroom vanity drawers and make sure you’re taking out LUSH products, not only for the health of your skin and body, but for the health of your social conscience, mind and spirit!
Why we love LUSH
Remember when LUSH first launched in Australia and bath bombs were all the rage? I waited in anticipation for my local LUSH to open, my nose pressed against the window, inhaling the enticing aromas wafting from within. In fact the LUSH smell is so distinctive, you can often smell the store before you see it! Since then, LUSH have continued to create interesting products using organic, natural ingredients with little or no preservatives or packagin. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is an example of their innovative ways, I have only ever seen one product like this before and it was discontinued long ago, so I rejoiced when Mark from LUSH gave me one to try. You slather it on your body and then wash it off, like you would use a conditioner on your hair. Use it in the shower, or for extra moisture, hop in the bath after applying it. The hot water helps the absorption of the precious argan oil. If you are near a LUSH store, pop in and try of their new colour range, Emotional Brilliance.
- Sam (Senior Brand Manager)
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