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For over 35 years, Manicare has offered a comprehensive range of quality, tried and tested nail treatments, tools and accessories. Look in any nail care obsessed friends’ beauty collection and you’re sure to find Manicare inside! Stock up on trusted beauty tools and solutions for yourself!
Why we love Manicare
These cute little applicators are used to create four different effects with your mascara. If you have ever ended up with a dot of mascara on your nose (that would be me) when trying to do your bottom lashes, the purple wand it perfect as it is small and coats even the shortest lashes. They are also handy if you are experimenting with different colours or a friend needs to borrow your mascara. If you ever have an eye infection, you should always use a disposable wand to as not to ruin your mascara. Perfect for tidying unruly brows too. 
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