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While living in San Francisco, and working long hours in the film and commercial industry, MBeze founder Mary Beth Worzella was always on the go, but made it a priority to feel fresh regardless. Cue her brilliant idea: a deodorant small enough to carry in her clutch when out with friends, or sneak in her pocket for freshening up at work. After countless research to get the formula just right, MBeze launched in 2008 with cult favorite Deodorettes and a natural skin care line to match. Now there’s no need for sweat stress!
Why we love MBeze
Sarah found these cute little deodorants and wanted them for our store so I went on a mission to find them. All the way from the US, my favorite scent is Cruizee, I find anything that smells of cucumber hard to resist! The deodorettes are great for travel and the Dabber Dust is ideal for those looking for an aluminum free deodorant.  
Brand manager - Sam