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Meili & Grace

Ever thought about those crinkles your pillow case leaves on your face every night? Or the damage this can cause over years and years? Think on it no more, thanks to Meili & Grace. After years of help from experts in precious fibers and skincare, they’ve developed a silk unmatched in quality and anti-aging properties, so you, and your skin, can sleep easy.
Why we love Meili & Grace
When anti aging silk pillow cases launched in Harvey Nichols in London a few years ago, they sold out in less than a day so of course I had to have one. Luckily my friend was the manager of Beyond Beauty and he was a good enough friend to keep one aside for me. Silk pillow cases stop creasing on the skin and don’t absorb your night cream like cotton does. I love Meili and Grace pillows as they are so soft on the skin and anything that prevents future wrinkles gets the thumbs up from me.
Brand manager – Sam