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Milk & Co.

Michael Klim is best known as one of Australia’s most successful swimmers of all time. He is a world champion, a world record holder and three-time Olympian (with medals from all three, including two gold).  
Milk & Co. is Michael’s latest triumph. Here is his story:
"I was inspired to create Milk by a number of factors.  1. I thought that there was definitely a gap in the market for a ‘masstige’ grooming range for Australian men and by masstige, I mean it’s prestige product at an affordable price.   2. My entire life I was exposed to chlorine and the harsh UV rays of the Australian sun and felt that I had a fairly good understanding of what a good product should contain, as I couldn’t find products I was happy with. 3. My wife convinced me to have a go. 4. My surname spells \"Milk\" backwards so it was a no brainer!Not only does the packaging look nice but the products speak for themselves. We use marine based ingredients where possible and probably the biggest benefit is that the products are multi-functional. For example, the face moisturiser is also a sunscreen and our Scrub + Cleanse Wipes aim to minimise the time blokes spend in the bathroom”.

Why We Love Milk & Co.

Milk is one of my favourite skincare brands, a range created by a man, for men. I absolutely love their wipes, they went straight into my \"man bag\". When out and about, if my face feels clammy from the heat, these exfoliating towels certainly work a treat. Recently I was out for drinks with a friend, I pulled out the wipes quickly just to wipe my face and refresh and my friend grabbed them from me to use. Brilliant! Just be careful your lady doesn’t steal them. Guard them well.

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