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ModelCo’s name gives you a hint of the expertise behind the genesis of the brand. A former model herself, Shelley Barrett understood that beauty is an essential part of any woman’s life, yet it isn’t always easy to balance with time requirements of a full schedule. She set out to make chic, sophisticated beauty products that help women – from celebrities to moms – everywhere stay beautiful each and every day.
She began her business with the first ever heated eye lash curler, from there she created the sensational Tan in a Can, allowing women to avoid the harmful effects of the sun and save time while still achieving a healthy glow. Her fibre lash brush on false eyelashes are a favorite of their spokeswoman, Danii Minogue and now, 10 years after ModelCo began, their newest product is sure to set the beauty market aglow again. SUPERTAN instant self tan is the first of its kind, with super qualities that any super woman of today will love and appreciate.
Why we love ModelCo
Model Co’s very first product, Lash Wand Heated Eyelash Curler was launched in 2002 and when I moved overseas in 2003, naturally my Land Wand came with me. I used it when doing various friend’s makeup before we would go out clubbing and they all fell in love with it. I had to ask my Mum to send over 10 of them! Over 10 years later, Model Co’s range has grown and the owner Shelly Barrett continues to create unique and innovative product that are gorgeous in their signature hot pink packaging.

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