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Known for their premium, unique lash styles, and cruelty-free ethos, MODELROCK was conceived by Raelene and Jeremy in 2013. All MODELROCK products are 100% proudly vegan, not tested on animals and are cruelty-free. MODELROCK works with five of the world’s leading faux eyelash manufacturers who have dedicated teams of lash artisans to create their high-quality lashes. ModelROCK lashes are all fully handmade, the majority being 100% sterilised natural human hair, and a small amount produced out of smooth, synthetic fibres. MODELROCK’S successful eyelash range was eventually followed by the development of Raelene’s fine-tuned and tested Liquid Last liquid to Matte Lipstick which boasts the harmonious blend of long-lasting colour, hydration and minimal dry time.

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