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Family-owned, Australian company, MooGoo have made a range of natural, safe products with effective, active ingredients designed for people with skin and scalp problems. First developed when the MooGoo founder adapted a cream used in dairy farms on cows to help a family member with a skin problem. The range now boasts a whole ‘herd’ of over 40 skin-saving products for different issues, from irritable skin and itchy scalps, to natural sun care products and a Baby Range for the little ones. Their ingredient philosophy is to make effective products using healthy ingredients, that they are comfortable using on themselves and our loved ones.


  • MooGoo is a range of delicious products designed to be effective and gentle on skin. Here are the standards they use to choose their ingredients:
  • As edible as possible (although we don’t recommend eating it).
  • Natural over synthetic (any day of the week, even if it costs a little bit more).
  • Non-irritating (because we don’t need more irritating things in our lives).
  • Quality, and family first (since family and friends use our products, we don’t skimp on the ingredients).
  • Safe for every-body (we choose ingredients that are safe for everyone to use, including children, newborns and mum-to-be during pregnancy).
  • Effective amounts (we use ingredients in a concentration that is actually effective).
  • Ethical product testing (we don’t test on animals, and we don’t export to any countries that might test on animals).
  • Made in Australia (we aren’t made by a multinational company, but rather make all of our products in Australia).

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