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Indeed Laboratories believe in pushing the boundaries of science and challenging the status quo of current beauty standards. Creating Nanoblur, a groundbreaking instant skin correcting solution, skin concerns are addressed using the highest concentrations of the rarest, most effective globally sourced ingredients. 
Why we love Nanoblur
No matter what the age, fresher, clearer, younger looking skin is always on the agenda. Nanoblur delivers all of the above, in a matter of seconds.  Now in my mid-late 20’s I don’t want to look ten years younger as the product claims. However, I do love the effect it has on my skin in giving me an all over fresher faced look. Note though, this cream is not an anti-ageing treatment, so it will not permanently reduce wrinkles, fine lines or pigmentation problems. It is merely a cover up, and a good one at that.
The Canadian developed wonder cream was originally produced for the film industry to make actors skin look flawless in HD. The cream is made up of high?tech particles that work to scatter light, making skin look miraculously better. Works brilliantly in achieving that flawless photoshopped look. Brides to be, get on board. It functions similar to a primer, except you use this product as the final step in your skincare routine or on top of your foundation.  Once you master the art of applying, you will love the results.
Brand Manager - Vanessa