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Natural Kids

Natural Kids is an Australian-owned company that has found through research the best possible material for making cloth that is comfortable, soft and hypoallergenic to use on your children and babes. This material is bamboo, which creates a cloth ideal for using in each instance you need to apply fabric to your child. Whether this in dressing, sleepwear, nursing, bedding or cleanup, bamboo-cloth provides comfort and functionality that allows your precious one to grow healthfully!
Why we love Natural Kids
The most heavenly thing I have touched in a long time would have to be the Natural Kids Bamboo nursing cloth. I just want to wrap myself in it! I simply couldn’t imagine anything else that I would want against a new baby’s delicate skin. Sublime doesn’t even begin to cover it and the fact that it is made from organic cotton and Bamboo which is a renewable resource, makes it just that little bit more delightful.
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