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Neutrogena's nearly 100-year history of providing doctor recommended beauty, haircare and skincare products is a testament to its efficacy. The trusted brand's motto states that the company aims to bring beauty and health to its customers. And it does. From its very first soap formulated in the early years of the twentieth century to its modern, full compliment of products, Neutrogena brings you the very best in scientific development and safe-to-use formulas. For many loyal customers, Neutrogena is a must-have for effective anti-aging and anti-blemish regimens. Start yours today!

Why we love Neutrogena

Who hasn’t had a product from Neutrogena in their shower at some point? My first Neutrogena product was the amber coloured cleansing bar, purchased by my mum in an attempt to combat teenage breakouts. It’s such an iconic product that once, an art installation was created using 20,000 bars to build a 7 foot high wall! That’s a lot of soap! My pick of their products today is the Body Oil Light Sesame Formula. It’s perfect for dry winter skin, and in summer I use it on my legs, so they look glossy when I’m rocking a short dress.

- Sam (Senior Brand Manager)

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