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Nivea for Men

Since Nivea introduced their Nivea Crème in 1911, the brand has committed themselves to one goal: better skincare for everything. 100 years later, their goals has changed, their product range however, has dramatically expanded.
In 1922, Nivea delivered their first men’s product: the Nivea shaving soap. Over time, ‘Nivea For Men’ was introduced, a range of grooming, shaving and skincare products specially formulated for male skin. With products for all skin types, Nivea is here to care for your skin, for life. 
Why we love Nivea for Men
Nivea For Men is a straightforward men’s range that’s easy to use and keeps the products simple. Their Skin Energy range helps keep the skin energised and looking fresh using Q10 for instant effect.
- Sam (Senior Brand Manager)
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