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Nutri-Synergy provides a specially formulated line of products ideal for those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema or those with dry, sensitive skin. Made to protect, cleanse and treat without irritation, this admirable combination of over 50 natural and organic ingredients improves your skin’s natural barrier to retain its own moisture and lock out irritants. Nutri-Synergy’s products contain natural moisturisers, like those in your skin, for soft, supple skin that stays protected and is never irritated by its use. This Australian owned and operated brand is a must-have if you need the benefits of a high-end product line without harsh chemicals. Try it today!
Why we love Nutri-Synergy
Nutri-Synergy is a part of Plunkett, an Australian Made and Australian Owned company that was created over 25 years ago by a pharmacist John Plunkett. John was focused on creating a range of skincare products to suit the Australian climate. I was extremely keen to use the Sensitive Skin Cleanser on my little girl, and all mother’s want to use natural products on their children’s skin - and this is something that I would highly recommend, especially if your newborn suffers from eczema.
- Natalie (Senior Brand Manager)

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