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Revolutionary skincare brand NUXE knows the importance of the infinite power of nature – and how infinitely amazing natural products can be to skin. With NUXE’s DNA romantically described as ‘the marriage of high rigor and a touch of poetry’ it’s not hard to see why it is one of the best selling brands in France. J’adore!


Why we love Nuxe
When one of our brand partners told me they were bringing in Nuxe, my first reaction was to shout ‘Woot!’ and my second one was to start making a list of all the products I needed. Top of that list was Huile Prodigieuse, a dry body oil hailed as the must have by any beauty editor in the know. It is the top selling product in all of France, and you know how much I love French skin care. Years ago a friend used to work for Nuxe and we use to swap products, I would give her perfume and she would give me Nuxe products. I j’adored the products she introduced me to, most especially the Reve du Meil range and the legendary Huile Prodigieuse.
 - Sam (Senior Brand Consultant)

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