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Ever wondered why your hair dries so fast at a salon? It’s because your hairdresser is using a high-powered, state of the art drier like Parlux. A long time favourite of girls in the bb offices, get your hands on a must have tool from this iconic Italian brand.
Why we love Parlux
Years ago I used to work for the distributor of Parlux and I was given one after a sales presentation. It was 11 years ago to be precise, I still have the same hairdryer and I have no plans to get a new one, I love it that much. Parlux is a brand built to last, and mine has travelled across the world and back with me. Its powerful motor cuts the drying time down and mine has ionic ceramic technology that smooths and conditions the hair. If you are in the market for a new hair dryer, trust me, hit the Add to Bag button now. 
Brand manager - Sam

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