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Perfumies are a must-have for any modern girl on the go. These days trying to bring liquid on a flight is a nightmare and the risk of it uncapping and spilling in your purse is definitely to be avoided. What’s the solution? Try perfume in a solid stick that doesn’t require you to dig it out like other perfume solids housed in pots. Glide it on your skin, as easily as you glide chap stick on your lips, wherever you want one of their lovely scents to exude from.
Made from a mix of natural ingredients, like beeswax, this ultra convenient way to touch-up your smell is paraben-, chemical- and preservative-free. Select more than one to mix and match for a unique scent all your own!
Why we love Perfumies
We love the wide variety of scents that perfumies offers and we absolutely adore the scents we carry in our store. A spritz of liquid perfume in the morning wears off after a few hours, but with perfumies in our bags, we can freshen up throughout the day and make sure we always smell divine. Plus, we can’t go wrong using a product that’s never tested on animals and is devoid of harsh chemicals.

We currently do not stock these products in our shop, however as one of our brand partners you could find this brand sampled in your bellabox.

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