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Pfizer Nutrition

Creating nutritional products for your baby, to a pharmaceutical standard, it makes total sense that Pfizer Nutrition included the later word in their name! With innovative formulas for infants who cannot be breastfed, all specially designed to meet the age-related requirements of your bub, you really can trust the nutritional value of their products.
Why we love Pfizer Nutrition
Pfizer is known for their nutritious baby products and S-26 Gold Toddler is the perfect example. Specially formulated as a nutritious vanilla milk drink for toddlers from 12 months, it contains age-appropriate ingredients your child needs to help support their growth and development. It’s another way to offer your baby the energy and power packed nutrients they need for their growing bodies. The handy sachets are great for when you’re out and about and on the run as parents so often are. 
- Martine (bellababy Brand Manager)
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