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Planet Eve

At Planet Eve Organics they believe that the less chemicals we use the better and they developed a range that is completely dedicated to certified organics using luscious, beautiful ingredients such as rose, macadamia, jojoba, shea butter plus anti-oxidant lingonberry and acai.
Pure and completely natural, all products are Australian Certified Organic, one of the strictest certifications in the world, which means that each product and each and every ingredient has met the rigorous standards required to provide you with the complete reassurance of certification.
Proudly made in Australia, Planet Eve Organics is for discerning skin care consumers  all over the world seeking beauty naturally. Certified Organic. They do not test on animals or use animal ingredients.
Why we love Planet Eve
One of my staple products for winter is a cleansing oil. I first discovered cleansing oil when I was in Korea, the same time I found BB cream. I was a bit sceptical, as I had always thought adding more oil to the skin would increase the chance of break outs. How wrong I was. If you have oily skin, the cleansing oil attracts the oil on your skin and disolves it, thereby leaving the skin clean and soft. If you have dry skin, it help to disolve the dry flaky cells on the surface.
When Lorelle, the creator of Planet Eve sent us a sample of the Cleansing Oil, it quickly became my favourite oil, it is organic and anti-bacterial, anti-oxident and vitamin rich. It helps balance the sebum production in your skin leaving it soft and clean. Finish off with Planet Eve toner and your skin is perfectly prepped for your Daily Face Moisturiser which is packed with antioxidents such as Acai berry and Rosehip.