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Prestige Cosmetics

Prestige Cosmetics has been in business for almost 30 years. Their business is to stay on top of trends with deep roots in the fashion industry, so you can create the most cutting edge looks for your lifestyle. From a bold, colorful eye to metallic accents, Prestige prides themselves on offering you a wide variety of hues. They combine affordability with unmatched color assortment. And that is something every modern woman can appreciate.
They began selling in the U.S., but their success has allowed them to branch out to the Australian and Asian markets. Sold in 48 countries, Prestige is set to take the world by storm, one amazing makeup look at a time. 
Why we love Prestige
We love the high quality and smooth application of Prestige’s shadows, pencils and lip products. But we adore their commitment to create without animal testing and their observance of skin sensitivities. As soon as we tried their eyeshadows, there was no turning back. Their Duo Shadows give you two complimentary shades for the price of one that wears beautifully and never creases!