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Never look out of place on the beaches of Acapulco, Malibu, or Koh Pha Ngan again (even if it’s just in your dreams!) thanks to Reef. Their range of beachy products will have you looking like a professional holiday-maker of the international variety - even if you are only in your own backyard!
Why we love Reef
The smell of Reef Coconut Tanning Oil is the smell of childhood summers to me. Back in the day when we used to bake ourselves a deep bronze without thought for the consequences, my Mum used to slather this on herself. To this day, the smell of coconut takes me back to those lazy days on the beach and makes me want to go on a holiday! Reef has recently launched Beach Glow, a spray on instant tan perfect for baring your legs after a long winter. Not only does it provide an instant glow, it is scented with the same gorgeous coconut scent that I loved as a kid.
Beauty Director - Sam
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