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So-long ’plastic perfection’ and hello to a radiant youthfulness that comes from taking good care of our skin and our bodies, and enjoying ourselves for who we are.
Rubifresh products are not only free from nasty synthetic ingredients, they are full of natural, high performance active ingredients that won’t harm your skin, and will help to minimise the signs of aging...naturally.
Why we love Rubifresh Skincare
The Rubifresh vision is inspiring. The brand focus’s each of its products on the way nature intended them to be, from the ingredients through to the minimalist packaging. Everything leaves a positive environmental footprint. We love this philosophy and the quality of the products speaks for itself without the need for fancy packing! All products are not only free from synthetic ingredients but are full of natural active ingredients that won’t harm your skin, allowing you to maintain a youthful glow. 
I personally love the Rubifresh Cleansing Oil. With a blend of olive, citrus & apricot oils, plus organic lemon-scented tea tree, it works to protect & nourish the skin, while removing makeup and dirt. Your skin is left feeling soft and smelling gorgeous.  I use this daily with a warm damp facial cloth.
Brand Manager - Vanessa