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Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen began her eponymous beauty line in the 1950s with just one product. She and her chemist husband designed a nail serum that helped strengthen nails, seal them and prevent chipping. The result? A little something called Hard As Nails that propelled the business into becoming the number one nail care brand in the United States.
Sally’s products now extend into nail color, lip color, body and skincare, as well as beauty tools (like manicure and pedicure kits) that sacrifice non of the high-end salon-quality for their competitive pricing. Sally’s business success rests on the brand’s commitment to state-of-the-art ingredients, groundbreaking formulas and finishes. Take advantage of all their hard work and start collecting their easy-to-use products today!
Why we love Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen’s products are the answer to so many high-end beauty lines’ high-end price tags. We love the quality of the brand and absolutely love that after we do our nails, we have money leftover to go out and show them off. With a full line of beauty products, Sally Hansen can be your go-to for a number of your needs, the line is certainly one of ours.

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