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Sanctuary Spa

Sanctuary Spa treats thousands of women every year at their iconic Covent Garden location in London, where they’ve been helping women relax and rejuvenate for more than thirty-five years. So, who better to develop a luxe skincare range? Plus, all of their award-winning products are those used in their spa treatments, which means Sanctuary Spa see the amazing results every day in glowing skin and happy smiles!
Why we love Sanctuary Spa
Hands down, Sanctuary Spa is one of my most adored brands. It not only has a range of absolutely delish products for your skin but the brands creation is reminiscent of a Shakespearian love tale.  In 1977, American choreographer Gary Cockerill set up a spa for his wife, a ballerina who was based in London. The location he chose was Covent Garden, set right around the corner from the Royal Opera House where she was performing. What a keeper! Although we don’t have direct access to the Spa here in Australia, Sanctuary Spa have developed a range of products to give us an indulgent at-home spa experience. Gorgeous products made from love. 
Brand Manager - Vanessa
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