Schick is an American brand whose origins date back to the 1920s, when inventor Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Schick started to experiment with the idea of a dry shaver that could be used without water or lather. Close to 100 years later, Schick is one of the most trusted names in men’s shaving needs. The company pioneered a number of standard razor features that are still in use today such as lubricating strips for added comfort, chromium blade edge that provides added durability, fixed-geometry razors and more. Be part of an American tradition, and see why Schick is a leader in its field.
Why we love Schick
Schick has been a trusted name in shaving for years. I was recently sent their new Silk shaver for ladies and loved it. I had never been one to invest in the more expensive shavers, but this product changed my mind, it gives such a smooth shave and leaves my legs soft and moisturised. Likewise, my best man friend swears by the Hydro 5 shaver and gel. He openly admits to having no idea how to achieve the perfect shave but with these two products he can with little effort.
- Sam (Senior Brand Manager)
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