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Sleek Makeup

Sleek MakeUp is an innovative beauty brand whose trend-forward products are ardently embraced by beauty enthusiasts and makeup professionals worldwide. They value every beautiful shade of skin, which is why their ethos includes the tagline: My skin, My shade, My makeup. And it's also why they offer 30 shades of foundation, ensuring the perfect colour is waiting for you to discover. Within a full range of beauty products you'll find outstanding quality at a truly affordable price point, professional packaging, and highly pigmented colour choices. Their dedication to fashion-forward makeup means you always step out in high style!


These days, it's not always easy to find the latest and greatest makeup products at affordable prices. Often, the innovators are adding their extra efforts to the cost of a small palette of eye shadow or lip colour. What we love about Sleek Makeup is that we can trust we'll always have access to of-the-moment style, as well as classic beauty colours and looks. Not only that, we adore their commitment to including one and all with such a wide range of foundations (30!). Whether we're looking for new colors to experiment with or just looking to refill some of our favourite products, we go to Sleek Makeup.

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