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Stem Cell Skin Science

Providing advanced skin care products that are based on cutting edge science thanks to stem cells and telomerase, the goal of Stem Cell Skin Science is to improve the look and feel of anyone’s skin. Providing products that combine the latest discoveries in the fields of biology, nanotechnology and skin cream formulation technology, they create high quality, scientifically tested and, most importantly, effective skincare, for amazing results.
Why we love Stem Cell Skin Science
Lifeline Skin Care is derived from ethically grown human stem cells. While plant stem cells are great for plants, human stem cells work best on your skin. Lifeline Skin Care extracts the peptides, enzymes and growth factors from human stem cells. Because of their value, scientists have nicknamed these proteins \"the good stuff\". A simple, twice a day, application of the serum to your skin makes your skin tighter and plumper.

- Stem cell extracts make your skin appear thicker, smoother and healthier reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections.- Stem cell extracts makes your skin look tighter and plumper.- The fragile stem cell extracts are encapsulated and protected in a lipid bi-layer to stabilise them and enhance skin penetration. The stem cell extracts release only after being absorbed in to your skin
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