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Studio Skinky

Studio Skinky is a design workshop founded by John, a glass artist, and his wife, an interior designer. Together, they design and produce soft furnishings, furniture, accessories and fine arts that express character and kind to the planet. They have a love for recycling, as they don’t want to contribute unnecessarily to the earth’s landfill problems. They aim to only use materials that have been produced either ethically or in a sustainable fashion. Apart from their own designs, they also sell other unique products in their online store, such as Playon Crayon’s fun and stackable crayons!
Why we love Studio Skinky
The colourful crayons from Playon Crayon (brought to us by Studio Skinky) would have to be one of the most divine first time crayons on the market and, a product I have used and loved with little first time artists for many years. They have a strong easy-to-hold shape, are non-toxic, stain-free, stackable and come in quite simply the most divine range of vibrant colors for your little one to enjoy. They also packaged in environmentally friendly, recycled packaging too boot. What’s not to love?! So much so, that Oprah included them in her list of favorite things in her December 2011 O Magazine!
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