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Combining harmonious ‘round’ symbolism and ‘green’ as a pledge to the environment, Sugio is the zen hair care brand, with naturally based product to target and solve hair and scalp problems. Washing your hair has never been more holistically relaxing! A great way to start the beauty day.
Why we love Suigo
The Suigo range - initially launched in Japan, and creating a storm in the rest of Asia - is now available in Australia!!!! With 3 different ranges, (Nutritive, Ultimate and Derma), there is a product for all hair types. Having used the products myself, I felt like they were really treating my hair and my locks felt super soft once they were dry. Because I straighten my hair a lot, I do look for hair products that will help prevent breakage and the Suigo shampoo is enriched with keratin to smooth and strengthen the hair. If you live in Sydney and are lucky enough to get to a salon that stocks the range (The Natural Infused Hair Spa) treat yourself to a treatment has nine steps to it - you wont be sorry!!
- Natalie (Brand Manager)
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