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Synthesis Organics

Born in 2006, Synthesis is the ‘heart’ expressed through skin care. Theme Rains, the founder of Synthesis Organics, has worked in the fields of alternative healing, energy work and conscious living for the last 14 years. It very quickly became obvious to Theme that something as intimate as skin care, something so regularly applied and absorbed into our body, had to be as pure as possible and full of positive energy. Thus began Synthesis.
Why we love Synthesis Organics
This stunning range of skincare is Australian made, circa 2006. The brand surrounds itself with products that are certified organic, cruelty free, vegan, sustainable and environmentally friendly. The ingredients are all manufactured in small batches, grown and hand picked from the ground. You can’t get any more natural. This process is key in giving your skin cells only the very best nutrients and it shows. After using Synthesis Organics you not only feel refreshed, your skin shines. The saying is true, treat your skin as you would your body and you’ll be healthy all over!
Brand manager – Vanessa
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